Nevada Recalls Announced for Defective Children’s Products

Parents across the United States and Nevada want the best for their children. They work hard to get money to pay for food, shelter, clothing, toys and entertainment. When the same parents hear about a recall of a child’s toy or clothing, they understandably get very upset. The last thing they want is a defective product injury from something they brought in the home for their child. If your child has been injured by defective toys or clothing in Nevada, log onto for a free legal consultation. Our Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys have the expeience to help you recover money for lost work, healthcare costs and even pain and suffering.

Today’s announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Troxel of defective swing sets is one of those consumer product recalls destined to vex parents across the Silver State. The Tennessee based manufacturer of swing sets, helmets and more recalled the 11 models of swing sets when it learned of nearly 1300 injures on the attached see saws. It seems the plastic seats on the see saws can crack and cause users to fall. The swing sets with model names, Fun Fantastic, Big Adventure, Fun Fantastic II, Backyard Fun, Backyard Flyer, Windsor II, Backyard Swingin’ Fun, Fantastic Playground, Fun Time , Triple Fun II and Triple Fun were sold for approximately $130 to $280 at Toys R Us, Walmart and online. Over 100000 swing sets with defective see saws were sold in the United States. The company is making available a repair kit for free to consumer who bought the defective slides. To receive the repair kit, consumers are asked to call 888-770-7060 during business hours. If your child was injured by a defective Troxel swing set in Las Vegas, can represent you. is a joint venture of personal injury law firms across Nevada. We are dedicated to helping people recover from catastrophic injury accidents. Our cooperative agreements enable us to represent clients across the state in Reno defective product injury cases, Las Vegas automobile accidents and more.


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