Pedestrian Death in Nevada

Pedestrian accidents in Nevada have been in the news all too much recently. Our sister offices have been following recent pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas. There’s news of a recent fatal pedestrian accident in Reno, and some of the details appear to unfortunately be the same. The initial reports are that this accident in Reno appears in initial reports to have been the result of the pedestrian crossing against the light and being struck by a vehicle.

If you’re the family of the man killed in a Nevada pedestrian traffic accident, this shouldn’t be the final word for you. At the very least, go see an experienced and qualified attorney like we have on staff at Benson & Bingham. The initial or even later word from the police might be that your loved one was crossing against the light, but their word is not able to be heard. That’s where a private attorney doing an independent investigation is needed. To determine if that is necessary, it is important to come speak to the pedestrian accident lawyers at Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law. We’ll sit with you for free consultation to discuss your legal options. This consultation is no obligation, so no matter what you decide to do it’s your choice.

Why do we offer these free consultations with no obligation to use our services and legal firm? Because we are focused on helping the victims of accidents first, and worrying about everything else second. We believe that if the first thing we focus on is serving the victims of accidents, then business will flow from there. That’s why we have so much referral business and positive reports from clients. Benson & Bingham know that we can’t bring back your loved one, but we can bring you some piece of mind. Contact us today to learn your legal options.

What do we know about this case so far? The Nevada pedestrian death took place in an accident yesterday morning. According to the Reno Police Department, Center Street and Maple Street is the intersection where the deceased was crossing the street when he was struck. Law enforcement does not currently believe that there were any contributing factors along the lines of alcohol or excessive speed. These, however, are not determinations that should be taken at first and face value. Contact a qualified attorney today to give you peace of mind that you did everything you could to ensure that you and your family’s interests are front and center.

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