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Winter Weather Conditions Cause Northern Nevada Injury Accidents

As snow begins to fall across Reno, Washoe County and the rest of Northern Nevada, drivers are cautioned to slow down and allow more time to get to their destinations. Other precautions drivers can take to reduce the likelihood of them being in a Reno automobile accident include clearing windows and mirror completely, always carrying chains and even placing a 10-lb bag of sand in their trunk. None of these precautions can prevent a driver from being hit by another vehicle on the road, however.

Yesterday’s snow storm brought a number of vehicle accidents in Washoe County. A 5-car accident near Lake Tahoe resulted in one person being rushed to a hospital. Another 4-car pile-up resulted in minor injuries. In addition, snow plows clipped numerous side view mirrors. Many other cars were involved in single car accidents, sliding off the road and either causing minor damage to themselves or property.

Much of the snow from yesterday’s storm has already melted across Reno and long term forecasts show little snow expected for the rest of the month of November. This can give motorists across Northern Nevada the opportunity to get snow tires put on their vehicles, inspect snow chains to ensure they are still intact and even purchase a sandbag for their trunk. IF you were involved in a weather related Northern Nevada car crash this weekend, can help you recover financially from the accident. is the Northern Nevada branch of the highly regarded Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our attorneys have significant experience in all types of personal injury law and can help those injured or those killed in accidents be reimbursed for lost work, medical bills and pain and suffering. In 2010 and 2011, we were able to secure over $24,000,000 for our clients at trial and through negotiations.

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