Bus Originating from Las Vegas with Tourists has Tragic Accident in Utah

A Las Vegas Tour Bus carrying tourist from Japan suddenly crashed this week driving from Nevada to Bryce Canyon National Park.  The tragic bus accident between Nevada and Utah occurred when the driver hit a median and rolled the bus 66 miles inside Utah state lines.

The injured passengers were rushed to surrounding medical centers, including the  University of Utah Medical Center, Valley View Medical Center and Intermountain Medical Center to be treated for various wounds suffered during the bus accident.  The Utah Highway Patrol where withholding some of the deceased passengers names until the families of the departed could be rightfully contacted to inform them of their deaths.

The cause of why the driver hit the median is still being investigated.  Although often times bus and other vehicle accidents occur due to circumstances the driver couldn’t prevent, there are many know instances when the accident was caused due to driver negligence and/or the result of being under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus or private transportation vehicle, and believe the cause of the accident may have been prevented with due care, you should seek the advice of legal representation to understand the options available to you.  The law offices of Benson & Bingham have handled several bus accident/injury cases in Las Vegas and surrounding areas of Southern Nevada, and are licensed to practice in both Utah and Nevada.  The Nevada firm understand what to look for in such horrific cases.  Sometimes vehicle accidents are due to unpreventable circumstances, however the firm has experienced other cases where the driver was negligent or even the vehicle  not up to safety standards for the  transportation of people.  If you believe an accident was caused due to negligence or product liability, contact the experts at Benson & Bingham.

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