Legal Rights with Food Poisoning Cases in Hotels or Casinos

Every year there are countless cases of food or beverage related food poisoning reported in Las Vegas and other cities in Nevada.  What are your rights when you believe you have been exposed to food poisoning at a Nevada Hotel, Casino or Restaurant?

The first step is determining what and where the poisoning occurred.  Often times this can be traced by asking some simple questions. Are there  multiple people suffering from the same ailment?  Did you eat the same or similar things?  Did you share  the same food, or did you order the same entree?

Food poisoning cases are very hard to prove unless evidence is collected.  Typically, the food that is poisonous is obviously not around as it was consumed.  Therefore, it is necessary that lab tests are obtained to show that it was indeed food poisoning.  Most often, blood work or the fecal matter must be tested to determine if a virus, bacteria or other foreign substance caused the incident/s.

Last, you must have a reasonable amount of damage to pursue litigation.  If you had an upset stomach which ruined your weekend in Vegas, it will be difficult to mind an attorney willing to represent you in the case.  While that my sound harsh, the reality is that litigation for these such cases is time consuming and costly.

If you believe you have been victimized by food poisoning or another pathogen from dining at a hotel or casino restaurant contact the attorneys that understand your rights, Benson & Bingham – Las Vegas Casino Accident Attorneys at Law.

Benson & Bingham Open New Summerlin Personal Injury Offices

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Taxi Rider Pays for Her Own Injuries after Accident in Las Vegas

A woman from Florida learned the hard way about a loophole in Taxi Cab Law in the State of Nevada.  Kathy Graves was injured in a Yellow Checker Cab taxi on New Year’s morning on they way from the airport to her parent’s home in Eastern Las Vegas.  Little did she know that the taxi wasn’t carrying uninsured motorist insurance at the time of the accident.

On the way from McCarran International Airport the cab was struck by a van that ran a red light at Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway.  The driver of the taxi was taken to a local hospital and Graves, who wasn’t wearing her seat belt, crashed into the back of the taxi  driver’s seat.  Although she wasn’t treated at any hospital, she sustained injuries to her hand and fingers.

Under Nevada  Laws and governed by the Transportation Safety Administration, the Nevada Taxi Authority does not require taxis, including other public transport vehicles, are not required to have uninsured-motorist insurance.  Nevada is not alone in this respect, as other large metro areas including San Francisco and New York similarly do not require cabs to carry uninsured motorist insurance.

As a tourist Mecca, Las Vegas has thousands of public transportation accidents, including taxi, limo and buses ferry passengers to and from the airport, convention centers and hotels.  While many accidents are covered by insurance or don’t result in injury, there are sometimes cases where a passenger doesn’t understand their legal rights.  The most important step is contacing a legal entity that understands Taxi  Cab Law in the State of Nevada:  the Law Offices of Benson & Bingham.

Nevada Law on Cell Phone Use while Driving a Vehicle

While technology has provided us with great conveniences, technology also perpetuated a deadly cocktail. The use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is extremely dangerous.  However society has widely accepted this negligent act, only increasing the dangers of the road. Being connected has taken the 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job and extended the hours to 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Simply put, people cannot operate a 2 ton vehicle while talking on their cell phone. Running red lights, failing to stop, failing to use due care, etc. are just a few of the deadly citations issued by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/ Nevada Highway Patrol/ North Las Vegas Police Department/ and Henderson Police Department.

In Las Vegas, Nevada the issue of cellular phones while driving is fast becoming a hot legal topic. In fact, California has taken affirmative steps to save lives.  Effective July 1, 2008 drivers may not use cell phones while operating a motor vehicle unless the driver uses a hands-free device. (Senate Bill 1613)

Everyone reading this content on the Benson & Bingham website is guilty of looking down to dial and/or text something more important than human life.  Automobiles have a false sense of security.  One of the most dangerous things an American does in this life he does everyday, drive.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a careless driver using their cell phone contact Benson & Bingham.  Some cases deserve criminal punishment, while others give rise to punitive damages in a civil case.

Monetary Assistance for Victims of Auto Accidents or Nursing Home Abuse in Nevada

Stuck with large medical bills after being involved in a car accident in Las Vegas? The cost of being the victim of a motor vehicle accident can send you deep into debt. Often, our clients are unable to pay for housing expenses, medical bills, and basic living expenses. You may need a loan, which our office can facilitate. We work with many reasonable lenders to help you through the tough times. The State Bar of Nevada forbids attorneys to “front” money before a case settles, so loans are sometimes a client’s only option. Be careful of loan sharks who charge exorbitant interest. Let the attorneys of BENSON & BINGHAM help you sort through the confusion. BENSON & BINGHAM is a full service law firm dedicated to their clients’ legal needs. Our expertise in personal injury claims will provide the ease of mind you need to get back on your feet again. Call or Email us today for a free consultation.

NURSING HOME ABUSE AND NEGLECT is rampant in the Las Vegas valley. Dehydration, malnutrition, pressure ulcers and bone fractures are just some of the horrifying events our elderly endure while under the supervision of nursing home staff members. We place our trust in these facilities to provide a safe environment for our loved ones to recover from illness or injury, or simply when they require around the clock care. Become familiar with the facility your loved one has been placed in and look for any sign of abuse or neglect. Some signs of abuse include pressure sores, falls, dehydration, malnutrition, lack of infection control, and unnecessary use of restraints. If you or a loved one has become a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect contact our office for a free consultation.


Beware of those jet setting taxi cab vehicles plowing out of the airport, and heading in the direction of the University. Imagine that you are on your way to class, with a much needed triple shot venti vanilla latte from your favorite coffee house… BAM! You are suddenly and violently struck, t-boned, rear-ended, or involved in a head-on collision with one of those mach 5 commercial vehicles. With significant injuries, you will need quality representation. Call Benson & Bingham.

State of Nevada Legal Help Booklets

The Nevada State Bar publishes a series of public information booklets to help individuals who are seeking legal representation or are interested in do-it-yourself forms, such as Power of Attorney Forms. The State Bar publishes these forms in both English and Spanish to further help ease the process of determining one’s legal options. has taken the liberty to extract the forms that pertain to personal injury, and have made them accessible below for your convenience. All forms are in PDF format and available in both English and Spanish. For more information concerning your rights or legal claims in Nevada, please contact the Las Vegas Law Offices of Benson & Bingham or the Nevada Attorneys for more information.

Public Brochures (PDF Format):
Lawyer Referral and Information Service
Servicio de Referencia de Abogados y Información

Power of Attorney Form
Poder General de Abogado

How Lawyers Charge Clients in Nevada
Como Cobran los Abogados en Nevada

Nevada Lawyer Discipline Guidelines
Que es la Disciplina de Abogados en Nevada

Please visit the following page for more information on How to Choose and Lawyer in Nevada.

Information on Hiring an Attorney in the State of Nevada

Hiring the right attorney in the State of Nevada is the most important step when filing a lawsuit or defending oneself from a claim. The correct lawyer can make the difference in whether a case is settled, won, or even tried. Accordingly, it is of the utmost importance that careful review and consideration is made before hiring a law firm to protect or ensure your legal rights. Here are 5 Important Steps:

Ensure the attorney is licensed in the State of Nevada.
Perhaps the most important step in hiring an attorney or law firm, only an attorney liscensed in the State of Nevada can file or try a case. Preferably, an attorney that is located in the state or even region proves important since they often know many of the participants in the local legal channels, as well as any community or locality related laws or rights.

Make sure the law firm you rettain handles the case.
Law offices often times farm cases out to in-state attorneys, or pawn the preparation and trial of the case to other legal aids or members; for instance, some large firms will sign up a client and then delegate their representation to less experienced or less knowledgeable underlings in the law firm. Having the person or team you hire directly handle the case is important for your to feel your rights have been represented by someone you trust. Have peace of mind knowing who will represent you in case your case goes to trial.

Besides the right attorney, medical, industry and other expert specialists are key to a case.
Ensure your lawyer or legal firm receive treatment or industry knowledge from specialists of the field; in other words, it is imperative to have not only expert care, but also qualified witnesses if a law suit is filed. Often times the expert and expertise a legal team draws upon can have a direct impact on the judgment or legal outcome of the trial. Having a medical, dental, neurological, or orthopedic specialist in your corner can prove an important tenant of any case.

Make sure you keep all records of the event in question. Making note of the incidents, injuries and emotios as soon after the event, as well as the following trials and pains you experience is very important. Besides witnesses and other legal reports, make note of the locations, times, and events prior to and after the accident or injury. Often times some of the greatest pain and suffering happens several days, weeks or even months after the accident, injury or abuse. Steadfast record keeping an attention to detail is an important step when preparing for a case. Unless the trauma is an emergency, it may be prudent to consult with an attorney before receiving any medical or psychological care.

Lastly, keep close tabs on the case.
Make sure you are aware of any dates your are scheduled for trial or hearing in the State of Nevada and the local municipalities where the cases are being tried. Also, ensure your attorney remains on top of the case without being pushy or over anxious; attorneys are busy professionals who have other clients as well as families, so make sure you treat them with the same consideration they show with you.

Well, hopefully the above information is relevant for anyone interested in hiring an attorney or law firm in the State of Nevada, or anywhere else in the United States for that matter. If you have any questions concerning the process, please contact someone at our law offices: or