NTSB Postpones Hearing On 2011 Northern Nevada Amtrak Crash

Many Northern Nevadans and Californians were disappointed this week when Hurricane Sandy forced the delay of a report many have been waiting patiently for. Yesterday, the National Safety Transportation Board had to postpone the previously scheduled hearing to announce the causes that lead to the horrific Reno Amtrak crash from last June. In the Reno train accident last June, over 20 people were injured and 6 were killed. The crashed happened when a Semi Truck sped through warning barriers as a west bound Amtrak train crossed North US 95. If you or a relative has been injured or killed in a Reno commercial vehicle accident, NV-attorney can help you recover financially for them catastrophe.

One of the reasons the NTSB report concerned so many involved in the crash is that in August a federal judge, Valerie Cooke, granted motions by John Davis Trucking Company. The company, which owned the truck involved in the crash, maintains that safety features intended to alert drivers of an oncoming train were not working the day of the crash. John Davis Trucking attorneys state that oncoming train flashing lights and gate crossing arm malfunctioned at the time of the crash. The company’s lawyers even attest that Amtrak employees destroyed evidence of the malfunctions that led to the Reno semi-truck crash.

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