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Escalator/Elevator Injuries in Nevada’s Casinos, Malls and Other Public Areas

Although everyone attempts to comply with safety and other every-day logic when boarding an escalator or elevator, sometimes problems or malfunctions occur irrespective of the actions an injured victim would have made.  Consequently, a victim of an accident in Nevada may be forced to contact an attorney that specializes in Elevator and Escalator accidents.

Benson & Bingham have experience dealing with such claims.  Whether it be a Croc or other loose fitting sandal that gets clogged in and escalator, or an elevator malfunction which drops one two floors lower then their desired floor, or a freak accident due to error in the functioning of the device, accidents do happen and injuries are a real concern.

While no one looks to get injured in a casino or hotel transportation mechanism, unfortunately these cases do arise.  Knowing and trusting a firm that understand the problems associated with such devices and how best to prove that the error was due to no fault of ones own, but the mechanism itself is an important part of determining how to pursue such claims.  The Law Offices of Benson & Bingham are one such entity that understands the risks associated with using an elevator, escalator or other public mode of transportation.  Experts need to be contacted, and tests proof of such error needs to be provided to better help the tenants of the case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a hotel, mall, airport or casino accident involving such a device, contact the Las Vegas experts at handling premise liability claims.

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