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A Growing List of Auto Recalls: Toyota Recall and its Effect on Product Liability and the Law

Toyota announced last Thursday January 21st, the latest, and perhaps largest recall in the history of the Automotive industry when coupled with the previous recall to related issues with their cars.  The company is recalling approximately 2.3 million vehicles to correct the problem of the acceleration pedals sticking on selected Toyota models.  This is in addition to the the already 4.2 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles recalled due to various floor mat issues and the sticking of pedals of selected automobiles.  That’s 6.5 million combined recalls due to issues of the acceleration devices, not a minor recall to say the least.

There have reportedly been over 2,100 separate accidents due to the sudden acceleration issue the recall was targeted to correct.  Whether or not an accident has resulted in a fatal injury, similar to the Ford Roll-Over accident recalls of recent history, is unknown.  Why so many individual accelerator accidents had to occur prior to a recall is also an unknown, especially to the victims that had to have experienced, depending on the circumstances of their cases, what must have been quite horrific feelings.  Imagine not only being able to not stop your car, but the ill euphoria of actually speeding up during these occurrences; at the very least, one would think there would be some level of PTSD due to the accident.  There has been speculation that the managements of both Toyota and Nissan, another Japanese  company said to have issues with their throttle systems, knew well before the NHTSA report issued their final conclusions on the acceleration issues in the vehicles.

To date, it is unknown how many crashes in the State of Nevada were due to accelerator issues with the aforementioned vehicles, however with over 2,100 accidents nationally, there is no doubt someone in Las Vegas, Reno or the surrounding areas of Southern NV experienced such an event due to an issue with their pedal causing an  accident or injury.   This is clearly a form of negligence on the behalf of the manufacturer, and injured victims are due compensation due to this oversight, especially since it was understood and could have been prevented prior to the accidents.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident in Nevada due to  workmanship or a defect in the manufacturers’ product, contact the Las Vegas Law Offices of Benson & Bingham, experienced product liability attorneys.

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