Fisherman’s Leg Amputated after Train Accident in Sparks

A fisherman was hit by a train near Lockwood, at the east end of a trestle that crosses the Truckee River.  The man was fishing with some friends when the train, carrying one other locomotive, caused the men to scamper off the bridge.

Unfortunately, one man failed to clear the bridge in time, as the train struck the man as it passed.  Careflight was dispatched and brought him to Renown Medical Center for surgery.  His leg was severed below the knee and he is being rushed to the hospital in attempt to mend the severed limb.

Trains and other Commercial Vehicles are constantly on the move near city centers, as well as in the suburbs and countryside.  Sometimes train or commercial truck accidents are the fault of operator negligence or impairment from alcohol or other drugs.  If you are a victim of a  Commerical vehicle accident in the State of Nevada, understanding the law is the first step in determining your course of action:  Contact Nevada Attorneys Benson and Bingham.

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