Nevada Motorcycle Accident in Reno

Motorcycle accidents are common in Nevada, and grow more common as the summer bike season gets underway. Here is an example of a recent Nevada motorcycle accident, this one in Reno, Nevada. According to the report, a vehicle turned in front of the motorcycle which led to the accident. The vehicle turned east down Gallaway Lane, according to the report, across the path of the biker who was heading in the northbound direction on Wrondel Way. This is over by Yori Park, on the east side of South Virginia Street near the Peppermill Resort Hotel. Fortunately the biker was said to be awake and talking when first responders arrived. He was still taken to the hospital for medical evaluation following the accident, however. This accident happened just a few days ago, on June 10th. That was Friday, and in the evening, just before 7 o’clock according to the report. The intersection was closed for some time following the accident.

Benson & Bingham are experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Nevada. This is a particularly big area of the country for motorcycle riders and rallies, from Street Vibrations in Reno and Sparks to pleasure trips through the Las Vegas Strip, over the Grand Canyon, and more, many bikers on the road means many motorcycle accidents.

“Many of the motorcycle cases seen by Benson & Bingham arise from vehicles pulling in front of the motorcycle, vehicles tailgating or crowding a motorcycle, or vehicles not being able to see the cyclist. The consequences of an accident can be fatal and often cause severe road rash. The pain endured by a motorcyclist at the emergency room while doctors take a wire brush to scrape and remove rocks, pebbles and debris is unfathomable. Unfortunately, heavy scaring or plastic surgery and extensive physical therapy often follow.

As riders of both street and dirt bikes, Attorneys Ben Bingham and Joseph Benson respect and understand the obstacles often presented to motorcycle operators. Most riders take extreme precaution, as the risk associated with motorcycles is well understood. Since motorcycles allow good maneuverability, often times the fault is due to another motorist’s lack of attention or outright negligence, including DUI and DWI motorists.

If you or a loved one has been injured while operating a motorcycle, contact Benson & Bingham. We can provide the legal expertise and assistance needed to ensure your medical bills are paid and you receive deserved compensation for your pain and suffering from the cycling injury.”

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