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Reno Truck Accident Pegs Peg’s Glorified Eggs and Ham

Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs got a brutal interruption to their lunch as some unfortunate man crashed his truck into the restaurant. The individual who was driving the vehicle was a 50 year old local to the Reno area. It is thought that a medical condition or episode might have precipitated the loss of vehicle control that resulted in this crash. The driver was very seriously injured in this Reno truck crash, with a condition said to be life threatening. At last word he was still being treated at Renown Regional Medical Group. Fortunately, he was the only one injured. The rest of the damage was confined to property damage at the restaurant. That damage, while serious enough to warrant maybe a few days of restaurant closure, luckily did not cause any more bodily damage or death. A recent news report of this Nevada truck crash injury interviewed a family with a bundle of children had been looking at maybe getting seated outside just before the accident, but some or all of the kiddos wanted to escape the heat inside instead. Lucky for them it was a hot day, as the truck reportedly hit the post in front of the restaurant and the restaurant itself pretty darn hard. Some windows of the establishment, we understand them to be the big glass ones out front, were hit as well, meaning anyone out there would have also had the potential for being hit with flying and broken glass, as well.

In some cases that we at Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law have seen, prescription drug interactions can cause vehicle accidents in Nevada when the co-created side effect  induces dizziness, slowed reflexes, or even hallucinations or full unconsciousness. This can be the fault of medical malpractice in Nevada in some circumstances. This gentleman, who was said to be about 50 years old, could have a case for compensation for his injuries from the insurance company for the doctor, the pharmaceutical company, or others, depending on what induced his inability to control the vehicle. Benson & Bingham’s top Nevada truck accident injury attorneys know what to look for as we talk with you in a free consultation to see if you have a legal claim to pursue. We’ll let you know where we think you stand, and help you in any way we can.


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