Man Killed In Reno Pickup Truck Rollover Accident

The NHP said that on Tuesday July 21st, a man from Reno died when his truck was in a single car rollover accident. The accident happened near the McCarran Blvd. exit on Interstate 80. Police have stated that their investigation shown that the 2002 Ford truck, driven by Nathanael Miccile, 22, was going east on Interstate 80 towards Reno and Sparks. Mr. Miccile attempted to exit the highway on the McCarran Blvd off ramp and began to lose control of the Ford pickup. As Mr. Miccile tried to get control of his truck, he ended up over correcting and the truck entered a not paved part of the onramp. After being in the unpaved section, he hit a warning marker and a roadsign as the truck rolled onto the righthand side. The truck continued out of control eventually resting in W. McCarran Blvd’s median. Mr. Miccile was thrown from the pickup truck and was unfortunately declared dead at the scene of the Reno truck accident.


There was also a passenger in the truck at the time of the accident,Reno resident  Woodrow Wood, 24. Mr. Wood was rushed to the hospital with injuries that were not considered deadly. Neither Mr. Wood or Mr. Miccile were wearing seatbelts at the time of the Washoe County pickup crash. The police investigation also has revealed that there was alcohol involved in the accident.


The Northern Nevada vehicle accident close the westward lane on Interstate 80 as well as the McCarran Blvd off ramp from the highway. The crash caused the lane and exit closures to last for approximately three hours. Nevada Highway Patrol are also asking any witnesses to the accident to please contact the NHP.


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