State of Nevada Legal Help Booklets

The Nevada State Bar publishes a series of public information booklets to help individuals who are seeking legal representation or are interested in do-it-yourself forms, such as Power of Attorney Forms. The State Bar publishes these forms in both English and Spanish to further help ease the process of determining one’s legal options. has taken the liberty to extract the forms that pertain to personal injury, and have made them accessible below for your convenience. All forms are in PDF format and available in both English and Spanish. For more information concerning your rights or legal claims in Nevada, please contact the Las Vegas Law Offices of Benson & Bingham or the Nevada Attorneys for more information.

Public Brochures (PDF Format):
Lawyer Referral and Information Service
Servicio de Referencia de Abogados y Información

Power of Attorney Form
Poder General de Abogado

How Lawyers Charge Clients in Nevada
Como Cobran los Abogados en Nevada

Nevada Lawyer Discipline Guidelines
Que es la Disciplina de Abogados en Nevada

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Twelve Year Old Girl Dies on Las Vegas Strip Roller Coaster

A California Girl was found unconscious and later pronounced dead after a roller coaster ride on the downtown Las Vegas Strip. Catlynne Shaw, was found unconscious July 16th after riding the Canyon Blaster, a ride at Circus Circus Adventuredom. After an off duty Clark County fireman helped revive Shaw, she was rushed to University Medical where she later expired.

The initial prognosis was that her heart seized during the ride, however the coroner’s office said it may take weeks to determine the actual cause of death. Canyon Blaster was originally opened in 1993 at Circus Circus, a division of MGM Mirage Inc. Hotel accidents and injuries are unforeseen events, which sometimes lead to tragedy, such as the case of Catlynne Shaw of Union City, California.

If you or a loved one has been injured during a hotel stay, and believe you were a victim of Hotel negligence or premises liability, contact the Las Vegas, NV Law Offices of Benson and Bingham, experience hotel accident litigators.

Two More Workers Injured in Construction Site Accident in Las Vegas CityCenter Development

The growing list of injured construction workers at the CityCenter Development in the downtown Las Vegas Strip grew by two July 15. Two workers were flung from a construction lift at the MGM Mirage site; fortunately, both remained conscious after the fall.

Hotel development deaths and injuries have grown at an alarming rate prompting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to repeatedly look into safety requirements over the past several months. Six workers to date have died from the CityCenter development, including Rusty Billingsley, a member of the Local 433 Ironworker’s Union.

The CityCenter, is an approximately nine billion dollar development on the Las Vegas Strip, and is expectd to be completed by 2009. Hotel accidents and injuries are often associated with such developments. If you have been injured in a hotel accident, the cause of the accident may be due to negligence or unreasonable safety conditions; contact the Las Vegas Las Offices of Benson & Bingham if you have been injured in a hotel accident and believe the injury could have been prevented.

Car Accident on Boulder Highway Injures One and Kills Another Women at Bus Stop

An intoxicated man with four prior DUI convictions hit two women waiting for the bus on Boulder Highway. Steven Murray, a 44 year old man behind the wheel, was thought to have been impaired by prescription drugs at the time of the crash on Monday, July 7th.

Porshe Hughes, one women injured in the accident, remains hospitalized in Las Vegas, while the other woman, Patricia Hoff, was killed due to multiple blunt force injuries from the accident.

Murray was driving with only an instructional permit at the time of the crash and is facing charges of driving while under the influence of drugs, including Percoset and Valium. Police officers are still awaiting blood tests to determine the state of the driver during the accident.

Southern Nevada has one of the highest per capita auto accident/injury rates in the nation; if you have a victim of a Moving Vehicle Accident, or MVA, in Nevada, contact the Law Offices of Benson & Bingham, skilled auto injury attorneys at law.

Head-on Car Accident Kills Douglas High Graduate in Reno

Jeffrey Allen Ogburn, a 22 year old man from La Quinta California, was killed in a head-on auto accident July 2nd in Reno, Nevada. Ogburn was driving a company owned van on Highway 395 when his tire blew, leading the van to cross the median into ongoing traffic. He was working for the family business, Budget Blinds, at the time of the accident on July 2nd, near the Golden Valley Exit off 395 South.

Ogburn attended Middle School in Carson City and later graduated from Douglas High in 2004. A memorial account in Ogburn’s name has been set up with Wells Fargo Bank.

The northern Nevada area is prone to its share of accidents due to weather and its 24 hour lifestyle. To learn more about your rights as a motorist in the State, contact the Nevada Attorneys, experts in wrongful death and car accident claims.

Four People Die in Single Engine Plane Accident in Southern Nevada

Two couples from Contra Cost County in California died June 28th when their single-engine plane crashed near Mount Charleston. One of the victims, Erik Nunn, was piloting the aircraft with his wife and another couple, when the airplane descended too low and clipped some power lines near Echo Road.

The crash set off a twelve acre blaze that left residents scrambling due to evacuation plans in the area. As of Sunday night the blaze was nearly contained, although over 200 firemen were called to the scene.

The cause of the plane accident approximately 40 miles outside Las Vegas had not been determined, although an investigator with the Federal Aviation Administration was called to evaluate the evidence at the crash site. This may prove difficult since much of the surrounding land was laid waste to the ensuing blaze. Luckily, none of the nearby homes were damaged during the planes descent, and the fire was more easily contained since the area had been recently damaged by an avalanche preventing the fire from spreading more dramatically.

Plane and air accidents are usually unforeseen tragedies; however, sometimes negligence or faulty equipment may lead to a crash. If you or a loved one has been injured or hurt in an air accident in the Southern Nevada area (Grand Canyon, McCarran International, Henderson), and believe the accident could have been avoided or was due to negligence or defected plane equipment, contact the Law Offices of Benson & Bingham, Air Accident Attorneys at Law.

Construction Deaths at Project CityCenter in Las Vegas Investigated

Capitol Hill recently staged hearings to investigate safety issues in Nevada’s construction industry.  The hearings are partly due to six deaths of constructions workers during the development of Project CityCenter in Las Vegas, NV.

Rusty Billingsley’s brother in law, George Cole, testified during the hearings in regards to the tragic death of Billingsley who fell from Project City Center in October of 2007.  The project is expected to cost more then $7 billion dollars to construct, and the casualties to construction workers has already taken its toll.

Nevada OSHA has investigated the incident, and also provided testimony during the hearings.  Their investigation saw areas of the project shut down while they analyzed the events that lead to the accident.  It was reported that Billingsley, a member of the Local 433 Ironworker’s Union, accidentally hit his head on a beam before falling to his death.

The federal government is investigating Billingsley’s death and other recent construction related tragedies in Nevada due to the rising number of accidents and injuries sustained in the construction industry; furthermore, they are investigating whether OSHA is performing its job adequately.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to construction related accident, contact the law firm of Benson & BIngham to ensure your rights are being upheld in the State of Nevada.

Hepatitis and HIV Lawsuits Increasing Against the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada

More and more victims in Nevada and around the country are being diagnosed with transmutable diseases obtained from one of two Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada facilities.  There are approximately 40,000 patients who underwent treatment at either the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada or Desert Shadow Endoscopy Center, both located in Las Vegas, that have been or could be infected with one of these diseases.

What’s troubling for patients, many of whom had  colonoscopy treatments or anesthesia, is the window with which to wait while the blood borne diseases can be effectively diagnosed.  Since HIV may not be present in a blood test within a 6 months or more have being potentially exposed, there is a great deal of emotional distress that patients of the clinic must endure.

The Law Offices of Benson & Bingham have formed a class action suit, as well as individual suits, for many of the victims exposed to the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada’s negligence.  If you or a loved one has been diagnosed or even traumatized due the hospitals’ negligence, contact their Las Vegas Law Offices for a Free Consultation.

To determine if you have case against the Endoscopy Centers, please visit Endoscopy Litigation Center of Nevada.

Information on Hiring an Attorney in the State of Nevada

Hiring the right attorney in the State of Nevada is the most important step when filing a lawsuit or defending oneself from a claim. The correct lawyer can make the difference in whether a case is settled, won, or even tried. Accordingly, it is of the utmost importance that careful review and consideration is made before hiring a law firm to protect or ensure your legal rights. Here are 5 Important Steps:

Ensure the attorney is licensed in the State of Nevada.
Perhaps the most important step in hiring an attorney or law firm, only an attorney liscensed in the State of Nevada can file or try a case. Preferably, an attorney that is located in the state or even region proves important since they often know many of the participants in the local legal channels, as well as any community or locality related laws or rights.

Make sure the law firm you rettain handles the case.
Law offices often times farm cases out to in-state attorneys, or pawn the preparation and trial of the case to other legal aids or members; for instance, some large firms will sign up a client and then delegate their representation to less experienced or less knowledgeable underlings in the law firm. Having the person or team you hire directly handle the case is important for your to feel your rights have been represented by someone you trust. Have peace of mind knowing who will represent you in case your case goes to trial.

Besides the right attorney, medical, industry and other expert specialists are key to a case.
Ensure your lawyer or legal firm receive treatment or industry knowledge from specialists of the field; in other words, it is imperative to have not only expert care, but also qualified witnesses if a law suit is filed. Often times the expert and expertise a legal team draws upon can have a direct impact on the judgment or legal outcome of the trial. Having a medical, dental, neurological, or orthopedic specialist in your corner can prove an important tenant of any case.

Make sure you keep all records of the event in question. Making note of the incidents, injuries and emotios as soon after the event, as well as the following trials and pains you experience is very important. Besides witnesses and other legal reports, make note of the locations, times, and events prior to and after the accident or injury. Often times some of the greatest pain and suffering happens several days, weeks or even months after the accident, injury or abuse. Steadfast record keeping an attention to detail is an important step when preparing for a case. Unless the trauma is an emergency, it may be prudent to consult with an attorney before receiving any medical or psychological care.

Lastly, keep close tabs on the case.
Make sure you are aware of any dates your are scheduled for trial or hearing in the State of Nevada and the local municipalities where the cases are being tried. Also, ensure your attorney remains on top of the case without being pushy or over anxious; attorneys are busy professionals who have other clients as well as families, so make sure you treat them with the same consideration they show with you.

Well, hopefully the above information is relevant for anyone interested in hiring an attorney or law firm in the State of Nevada, or anywhere else in the United States for that matter. If you have any questions concerning the process, please contact someone at our law offices: or