Snow in Reno Causes Dozens of Car Accidents

It’s hard to call weather predictable, but the northern Nevada weather does follow a pattern in its unpredictability. The spring comes, and a stretch of nicer weather gets everyone in the mood for more and more and more of it (the weather, that is). Trees and plants and flowers bloom, or bud, or flower. And then, just about every year the weather turns, in one fell swoop. While this is a predictable pattern, this year is doing it in spectacular fashion. Many times, especially in the past few (very, very dry and temperate) years, it’s been more a light cold snap than anything else. This year, it’s a show-stopping snow in town. And with it, the predictably unpredictable slew of Reno car accidents and injuries from the slick roads.

Dozens, that’s the total, dozens. At least 25 reported accidents that did not involve injuries, at least none reported yet. Another eight Washoe County vehicle accidents in the snow that caused injuries, lots of calls for help and many more that had just abandoned their cars on the roadway. At least a few of these accidents shut down streets entirely, or slowed traffic on the freeways. One accident even closed a part of 395 North. Further afield, Interstate 80 was closed down heading west in the Lockwood area for a short period of time. According to some news reports on the snowy Reno Roads and car accidents,

“The North Valleys, Spanish Springs and Stead areas received 8 to 12 inches of snow, and areas south of I-80 received 4 to 8 inches of snow. The Carson Valley and Sierra received less snow, only 3 to 4 inches, if that.”

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